Are You.. 

  • overwhelmed with trying to do it all but not sure you can afford to hire out?

  • not sure where to start or go next?

  • putting your own business on the back burner to client work or projects?

  • needing someone to make sure you're actually working on your business?

Biz Boss Accountability is just for you!

Many  of you entrepreneurs have told me you  get caught up in client work that you forget to work on your own businesses too, or you aren't financially ready to hire out. I've also heard that many of you know exactly what you need to be doing but since you're the boss, no one really checks to make sure you've done your own work. 

Well, that's about to change!

Together, you and I will walk through every aspect of your business to put together your marketing strategy and then we'll have accountability sessions each week to make sure you're getting it done. It's time to take back your business and take it to the next level!  

"AllieDanae won't just be a soothing voice of knowledge and reason, she will go one further and check in with you, she will hold you accountable. How great is that? Getting things done and moving your business forward. Yes please, sign me up." - Josey, Six Pence Events

Field Agent - $125

  • Basic Marketing Workbook & Plan

  • Initial Strategy Call (1 hour)

  • One Week Follow Up Accountability Debrief 

Special Agent - $300 

  • Full Marketing Workbook & Plan

  • Initial Strategy Call (1 hour)

  • 4 Weeks of Accountability Debriefs

James Bond Status - $550

  • Full Marketing Workbook & Plan

  • Initial Strategy Call (1 hour)

  • Follow Up Strategy Call (1 hour)

  • 8 Weeks of Accountability Debriefs

*Contact us for payment plan options for the Special Agent and James Bond Status packages.*