Finding Balance is an Exercise in Prioritizing not a Juggling Act

We aren’t clowns so we don't have to live in a circus. Yes, our lives will always be busy (why do we always default to that description of our lives?), but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a sense of balance and normalcy to our lives.

In my opinion, getting your priorities in order helps balance out the scales of life and while creating routines allow you to function when life gets extra "busy". When you actually prioritize your commitments and items on your to-do lists, balance beings to become a reality.

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Put Your Boss Pants On

Working for yourself at home can seem really exciting when you dread going into your day job. But ask anyone who currently works from home and you’ll discover that it’s not all champagne, roses, and cha-chings. Running a business takes a lot of work and it honestly doesn’t matter if you’re a business to business or a business to consumer model. There’s a lot of things around the house to distract you and a lack the accountability that comes from working in an office for someone else. This post is going to get a little saucy but also provide you with ways you can be successful at home.

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