Do You Even Know What You Actually Do (and why you can't hire someone until you do)

When I first left my 9-5 (only 6 months after launching my biz), I wondered how I would fill my days and if I would just always end up on Facebook or Instagram. For all of my client work, I used Toggl to track my time so I could see how long things took me and if I was undercharging for my services. The first week, I looked back at my tracker and wondered what I did with my other time not on client work.

You see, I was under the impression I still needed to be working 8 hours a day and have something to prove that I did. So I began time tracking myself as I wrote newsletters, hung out in Facebook groups, commented on Instagram, created blog content and graphics. I truly thought I would need to show my parents that I was still hustling just as hard as I had been and not just slacking off. But wasn't the whole point not to be working 40 hours a week or staying up late after the day job?

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Summertime Boss Blues Giveaway!

Hey Bosses! I know you're here for the prizes, but first let me just chat a minute about the Summertime Boss Blues. 

We're halfway through 2017, and you may not be right where you want to be in your business. Looking back at the goals you set in January 2017 may have you wondering "where in the world did this year go?" or "how did I get here?" or even "why haven't I accomplished those goals?". At the midpoint of 2017 your business may be crazier than you want or it may be slower than you hoped. Are there a million things on your plate and a million more ideas running through your head? But regardless, there are season in business that just feel a little sluggish and overwhelming. 

As I thought back to what overwhelmed business owners might need to bust through the blues, I reached out to a few of my favorite #BossBabes for a giveaway for you!

There will be 3 winners and will be announced on Friday, June 23rd at 1p. EST!

The Ultimate Summertime Boss Blues Prize Package (1 Winner)

1. $10 Starbucks gift card to help you stay focused

2. Set of 6 Month Powersheets, monthly tab stickers, AND sticker book (!!) to keep you organized.

3. One Values & Goal Setting call with Katie Crocombe of Flourish & Co to reset your goals for the rest of the year.

4. One Marketing & Strategy call with me (and 2 weeks follow up accountability) to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

5. A YEAR subscription to Twigy Posts Creative Market so you don't have to ask yourself "what should I post to IG today?" ever again

The Other Two Winners

1. $10 Starbucks card - you know you need it!

2. One Marketing & Strategy call with me and 2 weeks follow up accountability!

*Please Note: Your email address will only be given to Katie and Jana (of Twigy Posts) as we respect your privacy. 

Do You Run Your Business like a Starbucks or a Chick-fil-A? (and why it matters)

Someone told me once that the goal of Chick-fil-A is for you to spend 30 seconds or less in the drive-through once you’ve placed your order. Now we all know (well if you live in the South) there certain times a day, like breakfast and lunch, Chick-fil-A's line can get out the wahzoo crazy. They have implemented several changes to make the drive-through even faster at their busy times - they have someone take your order & take payment before you even get to the normal ordering station, or you can order on your phone - but I'm not getting into that all that detail today. What I want talk about is do you run your business like Chick-fil-A or Starbucks?

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2017: April Goals

Well I suppose as much as I talk about my Powersheets on Instagram, it was finally about time to write about them! I won't make the commitment to go back and do January - March, but it is a possibility. I use Powersheets for personal & business. But for this post, I'm mainly focusing on my business goals. 

They are currently sold out of the full 2017 Planners and are taking pre-orders for 6 month planners.

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Biz Tip: Batch It Out

So what does "Batch Day" even mean? Its the day you get all your work or tasks done. Sit down one day and write down all the things you need to do for that month (or the following month). Then pick one day where you have a good chunk of free time and just start tackling that list. Batch it by project too! Do you write better in the AM and can crank out those graphics later in the day? Then do it! Don't stop and start different things on Batch Day. Get it done. | The Social Walker Agency

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Biz Tip: Set a Plan

Now that you've decided to start, regardless of which platform you choose, you need a plan. The first thing I tell clients is to think of your end goals. Is it just the number of followers or likes? How will those goals impact your business? 

Really think about those two questions. The answers will determine where you put the energy in your business. Nothing just happens without at least a little bit of effort. Creating goals is great, but without purpose and actions - goals are just words that you may or may not have written down. | The Social Walker Agency

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