January 2019 Goals

What were they, and how did they go….

January was such a busy month for my other business, that I was hesitant to share how little I even set out to accomplish for The Social Walker, much less what I actually accomplished. But I’m all about being honest with myself about my goals and why I did/didn’t accomplish them, so I want to share them with you too!

2019 is off to a pretty decent start, but I definitely have room for improvement this year!   |  The Social Walker Agency Blog

Monthly Goals

Business - The only monthly goal I had for January for The Social Walker was to get my yearly client gifts ordered and sent out. AND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. And yes, they were supposed to be Christmas presents, but clearly that didn’t happen either. So I’m moving that over to February - HOLD ME TO IT!


  • Get rid of boxes of clothes - DIDN’T HAPPEN (moving to February)

  • Find a local Bible study - I’ve wanted to start/lead one, but decided it was also time to maybe find one already in existence. I went to one group this month at my church that meets monthly, and it was great, and I’ll go back each month, but it wasn’t the weekly one I’m looking for.

As far as weekly and daily goals, they’re honestly pretty similar to most of 2018.

Weekly Goals

Marketing - Blog, Newsletter, social media, etc. Not my best month. I had one blog post and sent one newsletter. I’ve been trying to decide if I’m going to drop down to every other week for blogs and newsletters and I think that might be the best case for me for now. I still kinda feel in a content slump and may start blogging more personal thoughts until I get back in a business content mood. I just feel like everything is already out there already and wondering what I can add that can benefit you! As far as social media goes, I’m pretty happy with my IG feed for January, but I’m trying to get back to stories, because that’s where I feel I connect the most. I’ve realized it’s just hard when working in a co-working space and I can’t just talk to you all day in stories (people are, ya know, sitting right beside and behind me all day! hahah).

I had also planned on being more active in my Facebook group (code: strategy) and I definitely made progress here! This is the place I’ll be holding myself accountable (and you too!) for the month of February, will you come join me for weekly accountability?

Daily Goals

One of my daily goals was to be on IG stories more, but I didn’t really track it as well as I thought I would. I know I can do better and I want to do better - just got to figure out when (see above - haha!)

I didn’t write “Daily Business Hour” in a slot for January and clearly that impacted my work. Since I know better and I believe what I teach, it is on the list for February (and I’m actually excited about doing my own work again!).

The other goals are similar - read my Bible and journal. I have started a new Bible Study with some friends in other states, which has been good and deep. But I’m still trying to finish reading my yearly Bible. Still in “July”, but MAKING PROGRESS!

The last one is working out as much as possible. I was trying to do daily, but realized in my natural routine I just couldn’t make Wednesdays work and at least one day on the weekends. Which is good actually, because I need a rest day (or two) each week. 22/31 = success in my book! Way more than December for sure! haha

I’m trying to decide how much to share on this blog about my other business. Maybe a case study on using The Social Walker methods on another business or just how to run two businesses in different niches? Tell me below if you’re interested in either of those!