The Difference between having a Gym Membership and a Personal Trainer

I had already planned on writing this post with the overall same idea, and then Nicole from Nicole in Bold gave me the idea to focus more on the personal trainer side of it than just the OTF color zones.  The video is a brief overview of today's blog, and the blog goes more in-depth with strategies and ways you can implement them. For me, accountability plays a huge role in my life and in my business. 

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Why a Virtual Assistant Might Not be Your Best First Hire and who you should hire instead

I see people asking for VA recommendations in Facebook groups all the time. And it is so fun to watch businesses grow to the point where the solopreneur is ready to bring on help! But I also see these hundreds of responses to the initial post.

I get it - you need help in your business, right? Your first thought may be "I see a lot of people hiring Virtual Assistants, maybe that's who I need to hire." But I don't think a VA should always be your first hire. 

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