Biz Tip: Batch It Out

So what does "Batch Day" even mean? Its the day you get all your work or tasks done. Sit down one day and write down all the things you need to do for that month (or the following month). Then pick one day where you have a good chunk of free time and just start tackling that list. Batch it by project too! Do you write better in the AM and can crank out those graphics later in the day? Then do it! Don't stop and start different things on Batch Day. Get it done. | The Social Walker Agency

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Biz Tip: Set a Plan

Now that you've decided to start, regardless of which platform you choose, you need a plan. The first thing I tell clients is to think of your end goals. Is it just the number of followers or likes? How will those goals impact your business? 

Really think about those two questions. The answers will determine where you put the energy in your business. Nothing just happens without at least a little bit of effort. Creating goals is great, but without purpose and actions - goals are just words that you may or may not have written down. | The Social Walker Agency

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