Our Services

Each project can take on a life of its own. We've created variety of services as a launching point in our endeavor to support your business in the best way possible.

One-on-One Strategy Call 

Looking for a refocus? You’ve got plenty ideas, but little direction - this service is for you. In this one-on-one strategy call, you will gain clarity for the next steps for your business. We will break down your big picture ideas into tangible action items to get you where you want to go.

Major takeaways that you will receive include:

  • Initial Questionnaire: These discovery questions will give us a better idea of your big picture goals. We will also uncover what is working and not working in your business.

  • Basic Marketing Plan: You need get your name out there to the masses, we want you to be heard.

  • Call Notes: Don’t worry about jotting down this and that as we chat, we will send you a recap of everything we talk about.

  • Next Steps: No time like the present, right? We will provide you with your next to-do’s to put your objectives into action!

Investment: $95 paid up front

Agency Support

No one can do it alone! We want to be in your corner to help you in any and every way possible with your business. Our team is skilled in a variety of areas, perfect for taking you to the next level. We are ready to get started with you! This is a three month commitment and we will tailor this package to meet your specific needs. 

Agency support can include:

  • Social Media Management - starting at $300/mo

  • Email Marketing Implementation - starting at $225/mo

  • Blog Editing & Management - starting at $35/post

  • Pinterest Management - starting at $70/mo

  • Graphic Design - determined after call

  • Copywriting + Editing - determined after call

  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions - $350 for 4 calls spread over each quarter

Book an Agency Consult to discuss your business support needs. 

Your mission should you choose to accept:

 Schedule a 15 minute call to discuss how we can help your business grow. 

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