Our Missions & Services

Each mission can take on a life of its own. We've created base services & packages ("missions") as a launching point in our endeavor to support your business in the best way possible.

We understand that it can take a few weeks, even a month, to get all the kinks worked out when bringing someone new into your brand.  Because we want to offer the best we can, all of our missions start at a two month contract. 


Not sure you're ready to hand off everything? Contact us for more info on the following individual missions:

Social Media Management- starting $375/mo

Email Marketing Implementation - starting $225/mo

Blog Editing & Management - starting $450/mo

Pinterest Management  - starting $35/hr min 2 hr/mo


Any 2 Individual Missions purchased together receives a 5% discount.

Any 3 or all 4 purchased together will receive a 10% discount.


If you're not ready to hand over parts of your business just yet, check out our Biz Boss Accountability sessions today! 

Learn More about Biz Boss Accountability

Your mission should you choose to accept it:

Contact us for a free 15 minute call to ensure we're a good fit for your business. Or secure your spot in our Accountability Program today!