You started your business to pursue your those things that light you up and come naturally for you and hey, so did I! But have you ever thought “I do less of what I love to do and too much of the business side?”

What if I told you

There was a way you could get back to doing more of what you love - creating, planning, shooting, designing, baking - while the business side stays moving forward?


I’m AllieDanae and I love the admin side of running online businesses! Growing up around entrepreneur parents and with an eye for the details, I’m the perfect addition to your team! As a business owner myself, I know there are many areas of our businesses that tend to fall to the wayside when you’re swamped with client work. I’ve got the mind for business growth (hello, #powersheets) with the patience to manage the behind-the-scenes details (and I truly love the “busy”/admin work). Oh, and I’m all about color-coordinating and always have a large cup of hot coffee nearby.

I offer a range of services that are both project and hourly based. If you’re not sure what the next steps are for your business or not quite ready to hand off some tasks, I also offer business mentoring!


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