Case Study: Quarter 2 for Katharine Marie Weddings

Okay, it’s time for another case study update! You can read the “Getting Started” post here. It breaks down the first questions I always ask my coaching clients and how I answered them as Katharine Marie Weddings.

For today’s post I want to update you on what I’ve been doing on both the marketing and admin sides of the business and where I stand on my goals.

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Create Your Content Framework

One of the things I use in my own business and and when working with clients is what I like to call a “content framework”. You may call it a content map or plan but essentially it is a content publishing schedule for your business - what your audience sees and when. It can change (and has for me!) over time or get put on the back burner (oops!) but it is also one of the most helpful things you can write out for your business. I will be creating one for my case study, which you can read more about here.

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January 2019 Goals

January was such a busy month for my other business, that I was hesitant to share how little I even set out to accomplish for The Social Walker, much less what I actually accomplished. But I’m all about being honest with myself about my goals and why I did/didn’t accomplish them, so I want to share them with you too!

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My 2019 Word of the Year: Faithful

I started picking a word of the year back in 2015 unintentionally. At the end of 2014, I was in a dark place, for lack of a better word. God and I were talking through a whole bunch of stuff and it really felt like a light had gone out in my life. I remember driving home from work and thinking “God, I know one day, I’ll come on the other side of this and understand why I’ve been questioning and struggling with all of this, but right now I just don’t.”

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Finding Balance is an Exercise in Prioritizing not a Juggling Act

We aren’t clowns so we don't have to live in a circus. Yes, our lives will always be busy (why do we always default to that description of our lives?), but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a sense of balance and normalcy to our lives.

In my opinion, getting your priorities in order helps balance out the scales of life and while creating routines allow you to function when life gets extra "busy". When you actually prioritize your commitments and items on your to-do lists, balance beings to become a reality.

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