Hello from Seattle!

...actually, I'm writing this back in Atlanta. Forgive me?

I've always wanted to go to Seattle and my roommate suggested we go while our friends live out there. So in January, we picked a weekend and booked our tickets. I guess this is another item to check off the list - just picking a city and going. The morning we left seriously felt like Christmas morning :-) 

Y'all - I love New York for so many reasons, but I think Seattle might be coming in a close second! I have the prettiest Hunter rain boots, so If I ever move out there (probs not) I'll have that covered. It has the big city lights, but also has a small town feel. From what I learned, its divided into all these neighborhoods that are about 10-15 minutes apart and they all feel like little towns. 

Prepare for a lot of photos! 


Clearly I need to clean this mirror, but I bought this kimono the night before the flight. I love it! 

Flying into Seattle!!

These photos do not do it justice, but it was a beautiful day for Seattle in February :-) 

The Space Needle! (you can barely see it in the background of the groupie)

See it even looks great with a white shirt! 

They were giving out free candy at the grocery...J loves Starbursts as much as I love Starbucks.

"City lights are my love language"

That first night, our friends took us to this amazing look-out spot. 

Cider houses are necessary. 


The Public Market!

This is one of the main things Seattle is famous for + it was a typical rainy Seattle day.

 Rows and rows of fresh flowers, handmade items, + lots of seafood. They even do a fish throw at one of the booths!

Still in shock we were here! 

Beecher's cheese came highly recommended by friends - their grilled cheese was delicious. 

Mini donuts? Yes please! 

Maple Bacon? ehh not as great as it sounds. 

The gum wall. 

Y'all...... the FIRST Starbucks. 

It seemed we got to every restaurant right before the lines got long :-)

Oh, Pike Place Market, I'll be back! 

 Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners Baseball) + Century Link Field (Seattle Seahawks Football)

I love baseball! 

When the big bro recommends a beer + your friend takes you there, a picture is necessary. 

A Manny from Georgetown Brewing (I think) 

DAY THREE - Hello, Oregon! 

I mean, how beautiful is this {3 hour} drive?

Astoria, Oregon.

Home of the Goonies! 

{Confession: I've never seen that movie, but stop by the visitor center and the lady can give you all the info on the town!}

I think this is in the movie?

Oh this view! 

So many cool mosaics on this Tower! 

Perfect River views. 


Pano from the top. 

I love these people. 

Old wharf

Love this friend! Thanks for letting us crash at your place! 

So, I ordered clam chowder, because you know, we were on the coast. My friends told me it wouldn't be as good as the East Coast...and it was not as good as I hoped, but it was still delicious. 

*the crackers were even labeled as from the EC! haha joke on me. 

Seriously, this place was gorgeous! Such a cute coastal town. 

The look of spending 12 hours with too many girls. 

We found the coast! 

You can drive on these beaches. 

A guy named Peter ran his boat ashore + was told the tide would take him back out. 

Clearly it did not. 

*insert Adele song lyrics here*

photo cred: JCadleP

So thankful for time & adventures with these friends!

That sunset, though! 

Thanks for driving & putting up with us

Sunset sideviews. 

 Skyline lovin'

Sunday morning brunch + double coffee. 

If you go to Seattle, go to Wandering Goose! 

I miss you already! 

Last Starbucks in the Emerald City! 

Thanks for hanging around to view my trip! 

Have you been to Seattle? What were / are your favorite places?

Christmas Fun!

I love Christmas for several reasons. 

First, its a celebration of my Savior's birth! Without Jesus becoming a human, and then giving His life for mine, there would be no reason to celebrate. I should celebrate what He's done for me all throughout the year, but its always fun to have this special time of year! 

Another reason I love this time of year is because of family, friends + traditions.

It seems silly, but I love Christmas Adam {its the day before Christmas Eve}! I really start to feel the Christmas spirit take over + just gets me all giddy! 

We have a decades long tradition of going to Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve with some family friends. Here's the group of us this year! Look at all the babies! And there's two more on the way for next year! 

We haven't had a full family photo in a while, and I just love this one! 

So my aunt has this extenda-fork that she brings out around the holidays. I love it + think its just the most fun thing ever. This year, she sent this to me for this breakfast. Trust me, it comes in handy! 

I love Sarah + the heart she has for ministry. We were celebrating being the only two 'non-mommies' at breakfast + her first married Christmas!! 

Ahh, I just love these three. 

He's getting a little too active to want to take cute pictures with his aunt, but I still make him. 

I also love this pup so much. His name is Herschel {Walker}, because you know, Go Dawgs!! 

I love coffee + was so excited to use my new 'hello, sunshine' mug with my aunt's new espresso machine! 

Its Stiles family tradition to go bowling whenever we can. This year I was just a few pins away from beating my daddy for this first time ever. It was almost a big moment for us, but he's still got the skills. 

The lunch crew. 

And my parents bought this bear rug. So, Merry Christmas! 

So quick story. My mom loves Christmas the most. She decorates like crazy. There was a store in town going out of business + they had a sleigh outside for sale. Mom wanted it + Dad got his bear, so Mom got her sleigh. And then she made us take family photos.