Josh + April - The Wedding Day

Today is the day! I'm excited to finally share Josh + April's Wedding Day!! If you haven't been following this series series click on over to read the beginning of their love story! 

1} When did y'all get married? 

We were married on Friday, July 27, 2012 in downtown Anderson, South Carolina.

2} You mentioned last week that the easiest part was choosing the venue, so where did you get married?

We chose The Bleckley Inn. Our reception was in the same place as our ceremony. 

 {It has great suites that were perfect for the bridal party + out of town guests!}

3} Any morning jitters?

I wouldn't say we were nervous, as much as we were just excited! We couldn't wait to start our life together.  

4} What was your favorite part of the day?

Josh's favorite moment was right after the ceremony. We walked into this little room and had about 30 seconds alone before everyone followed! I remember taking a deep breath and then he kissed me. We only had a few seconds to soak it all in, but those moments alone were so special! 

My favorite part was our last dance! We danced beside our friends and family to my parent's wedding song! It was such a special time to be surrounded by everyone we loved. I was so happy, and everything seemed like a fairy tale!

5} Where did y'all go on your honeymoon? Any advice?

We took the most amazing trip to Florida! My advice would be to not stress about the location. The first week as husband and wife is perfect wherever you are! Make sure to detach from the rest of the world and enjoy every second of your new husband! 

6} What advice would you give future brides? 

 ENJOY every second! It goes by so fast and you will want to remember it forever! Also try to remember that the wedding is just one day, and marriage is for life! Focus as much, if not more, of your energy on becoming the wife God wants you to be for your husband! Trust me you will both be thankful! 

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Josh + April Wynn - Wedding Planning

Happy Monday! This week April is sharing her memories from planning her wedding! If you haven't been following this series series click on over to read the beginning of their love story! 

1} Did you dream of your wedding day as a little girl? Did you use a planner or day-of coordinator?

I definitely didn't have my wedding planned! My momma and I had so much fun planning it together. She was honestly the best wedding planner I could have ever had :-)  We did hire a day-of coordinator to help execute everything we had planned.

April with her Mom + sisters (Kassidy, Lexi)

2} What was the hardest choice you had to make?

For us narrowing down the guest list was absolutely the hardest. We wanted everyone to be able to come, but our venue could only hold about 250.

3} What was the easiest choice about planning?

The easiest choice was the venue. We both loved it the first time we saw it!  

(more on their venue next week!)

4} What was the best part of planning your wedding?

Besides the excitement of the wedding, I loved getting to spend time with my momma! We had so much fun!

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Josh + April Wynn - The Engagement

Wow! Thank y'all for joining in on this series! Click on over to see how Josh + April met + started dating. 

1} When did he propose?

Josh proposed on Christmas Day 2011 in my hometown - Anderson, South Carolina. 

2} Did you have any idea it was coming? Was he nervous or acting differently?

I had absolutely no idea it was coming! We had never really talked about marriage or looked at rings or anything. Josh was definitely antsy that day. I remember asking him several times what was wrong. 

3} Okay, so tell us how he proposed!!

He asked my mom to send us down the road to our barn to pick up a Christmas gift that she had accidentally "left" for my dad! When Josh + I got there, he went inside + asked me to wait for a minute. When I finally opened the door, the barn was decorated with candles + Christmas music was playing in the background. He made us some hot chocolate + then asked me if I would marry him!

4} What was the first thing you did right after?

The first thing I did was cry! I was in so much shock. I wanted to know how long he had been planning this! When I finally calmed down he asked me to pray with him. Then of course we started making phone calls! 

Here's the text I got from her! haha 
Don't worry, I have changed her name ;-) 

Love Story #1- Josh + April Wynn

This is the first of the Love Stories Series! I've been looking forward to sharing about this couple all month. :-)

{The Dating Story}

I'm so excited to tell this story. April has been one of my dearest friends since elementary school. I will probably interject my recollections of their story along the way, but it will mostly be April + Josh telling their own story. They are from South Carolina but will be moving to Illinois this fall to open their own Chick-Fil-A! I have been encouraged by April in the way that she loves + supports Josh so well. They have left friends + family to travel the country for the past 2 years, moving every 6-8 weeks to help open CFAs across America. It has been so fun to watch but the journey wasn't always easy, yet their love for the Lord + each other has made it an adventure they'll never forget. 

Let's start their story! 

1} How did you + Josh meet?

We met our during the first weekend of our freshman year at Wofford College in 2008. A mutual friend introduced us at the football game that weekend. Go Terriers! 

2} Tell us about your first date.

Our first date was actually at KFC (ironically we now work for Chick-fil-A). We had been friends for a few weeks and he asked me if I wanted to grab dinner after basketball practice. 

{April played for Wofford's women's basketball team}

I had no idea he intended it to be a date, so when he asked where I wanted to go, I chose quick and cheap... Oops! We ended up staying for a few hours and it turned out to be the best date of my life! 

How cute are these two? 
(photo: friend's Facebook)

3} What is your funniest memory together?

Honestly, Its so hard to think of our funniest moment together! He keeps me laughing and my clumsiness never fails to bring a smile to his face. 

4} What was your favorite date?

Wow this is hard! We have had so many amazing dates! Josh is the best planner I have ever met and he loves finding new things for us to do! One of my most favorites was our 1st year dating anniversary together. He told me to dress warm and be ready at 2pm. He picked me up and surprised me with tickets to the Biltmore Christmas candlelight tour in Asheville, NC. He had planned everything out and made such an effort to make the whole night perfect! 

{Okay, who wouldn't want to go on this date?? That sounds so perfect!}

Their one-year photo

April has her own blog + Instagram
She uses these platforms to encourage girls to see themselves the way God sees them + how they can use His Word in their every day life! I love seeing her impacting young girls' lives over social media.

Next week I'll share their engagement story! :-)