Valley Life: Working in The Valley

I had been in Atlanta only a few days, but was already getting discouraged with job hunting. I had met with a recruiter & spent hours updating my resume & LinkedIn profile. Talk about fun - but I did move to a new city without a job, so it had to be done. 

But let's back up a minute. I decided in May to make the move in August. My plan had been to start really job hunting in late June! interview in July, and be ready to start as soon as I moved. Sounds good right? And the best part, one of my guy friends from UGA worked at a staffing agency and offered to help! Everything seemed to be lining up perfectly. To make a long story short, my grandpa passed away at the beginning of June, so I got a little distracted, oh and I have a small pride issue, and thought I could get myself a job on my own. 

After submitting application after application after application online, I decided I would meet with  recruiter from a different agency than the one where my friend worked. Why? Back to pride. That and I told my roommates I didn't want to put pressure on my friendship with him, but really it was pride. They say getting a job is all about who you know, and I said 'watch me.'

So, how did I get my current job - 9 days after moving to Atlanta? Lightning struck. No, seriously. It was a crazy, stormy Thursday. One roommate (J) & I had just arrived home to find out that a tree. In our front yard had been struck by lightning! My other roommate's (E) car was sitting right under the tree. We made her come home from her date, sorry E!, because we didn't have a spare car key. With the big storm came a power outage - at least at our house. E's BF was kind enough to invite us over to his place while we waited for the power to come back on. Guess who lives with E's BF? My friend who works for a staffing agency. See what God did there? Had to actually use a lightning bolt to get my attention. 

But that's not where the story ends. We made s'mores (just throwing that in there to keep you interested!), I love s'mores. And then my friend proceeded to tell me about a job I might be interested in. We talked about it for a bit, but I was tired of talking about jobs. So on Friday morning we talked again, and he mentioned that they had already sent 2 people to interview. We'll guess what! Neither of those 2 people got the job, so he helped me fix my resume, and Saturday morning he emailed me to see if I wanted to interviewed.

I interviewed Monday AM, got the call at 4pm, took the job, and started Tuesday, August 12 at 8:30am.

I know that was kind of a long, drawn out story. But it's all true. Lightning was needed to get my attention, lightning. If that didn't knock down my pride, I don't know what would have. 

I haven't posted about fashion in a while. But I will again soon, until then Stay Fashionate! 

(This is after GA Power came at 12am, not to turn on power, but to saw off limbs & block of four driveway) 

Valley Life: Moving to the Valley

I began writing this post 2 months ago, having just moved to a new city - without a job. Over the years many friends have asked me for advice on different topics, but if this had been one I'm not sure that I would have encouraged it. I've been longing to move away from home. I wanted a big city life, a grown-up life. So yes, I may have been excited for a friend to make the big move, but without a job? I don't know.  I moved to a street with the word Valley in it, and began hash tagging #ValleyLife. The Lord has begun to use that hashtag in my life to teach me a thing or two already.

So just about a week ago, I did something I've wanted to do for a long time. I moved away from home. Now, there's nothing wrong with home - I have the best family, yes, younger brother included, and the best friends from childhood, but I didn't feel like a grown-up. The night before the big move, I began to really doubt this decision. And a week later, and still jobless, those doubts are still here. But guess Who is still here as well...The Lord.

As a 17 year old girl, I dreamed of living in NYC working in fashion or event planning. Neither of which has happened.  I thought that because I didn't become a teacher (which was my non-NYC idea) or an event planner in NYC, that I was a failure. I'd let that young 17 year old girl down. One thing I learned the hard way in college, and am still learning to deal with now, is to let go of my plans. Aren't His better anyway? And that 17 year old girl, was just 17, and should've stuck with her plan, but since she didn't - then obviously things were bound to change. Change. I don't deal well with change. The thought of turning 25 in less than 6 months scares me - I still feel like a 17 year old. 

Those first two weeks in Atlanta I was constantly reminded of how He had always provided for me and that He would always provide. I thought that moving to the city would make it easier to get a job, and that I would instantly feel like a grown-up, living the mountain top life I longed for. But I began to question the whole mountain experience thing. You go to church camp every summer and they call it a 'mountain top experience' and you have to take it home with you and continue living the high that you feel at camp, or try to live a more Christ-dedicated life than you did before. But if we aren't living on the 'mountain top' then we must either be living in the valley or climbing up/down the mountain. What does that life look like? I think we spend most of our life longing for mountain top experiences but living in the Valley. Is that wrong? No, but what if we focus on life in the Valley? Its kind of like the old saying "live where you are planted." It took me a while to love living at home when all I wanted was to move away, but when I did - boy, did the Lord remind me of the sweet friendships I already had and gave me some amazing new ones. I do miss them now that I've moved away, but I'm learning a lot about living in the Valley.

(Thanks to my big bro & Anne for helping me  move!)

**Busyness, laziness, and learning have kept me from posting, but just wait - I hope to share more of what I'm learning!**

Monday Musings: Update Correction!

My sister is not having a little girl, but a little BOY! We found out on Tuesday - what a surprise! He was too much of a little gentleman the first go-round :-)

For some reason I had not bought anything for the baby girl, but I had begun planning the perfect shower for my sister and her little baby girl (details to come). I'll admit, I was already attached to that baby girl, and it took me an hour or two to switch gears. 
Now I am in love with Baby Lyle and he's not even here yet. I also bought him a few things already and can't wait to give them to my sister this weekend! And I haven't had to change too many details for the shower - just pink to blue! 

He is Risen!

This post has nothing to do with fashion as associated with clothes (most of my Musings do not), but the One who fashioned you, me us, in our mothers' wombs. The One who knitted us together in the secret place. The One who knew we existed before anyone else did, even our own mothers.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. The day Christians, I, celebrate the empty tomb and our Risen Savior. You may or may not believe in Jesus or the Bible. But I do. The empty tomb is crucial to my faith because if the tomb was not empty on that third day, then He would not have conquered death and been made a liar. His resurrection proved that He did conquer death, and that one day any one who calls Him Lord will be raised into eternal life in Heaven.

This song by Travis Cottrell has been replaying in my head and on my iPod these past few days.

Hear the heart of heaven beating
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
And the hush of mercy breathing
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Hear the host of angels sing
Glory to the newborn King
And the sounding joy repeating
Jesus saves

See the humblest hearts adore Him
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
And the wisest bow before Him
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
See the sky alive with praise
Melting darkness in its blaze
There is light forevermore
Jesus saves

He will live, our sorrow sharing
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
He will die our burden bearing
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
"It is done!" will shout the cross
Christ has paid redemption's cost
While the empty tomb declaring
Jesus saves

Freedom's calling
Chains are falling
Hope is dawning
Bright and true
Day is breaking
Night is quaking
God is making all things new
Jesus saves

Oh, to Christ, how great a debtor
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Are the saints who shouts together
Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Rising up so fast and strong
Lifting up salvation's song
The redeemed will sing forever
Jesus saves

Rising up so fast and strong
Lifting up salvation's song
The redeemed will sing forever
Jesus saves(Jesus Saves)
Jesus saves(Jesus Saves)
Jesus saves

Monday Musings: Ready for Sunshine

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I love living in the South for more than one reason. But one of those reasons is that we get to experience every season. My closets are FULL of clothes that are for spring, summer, fall, and winter - which makes for full closets (I lucked out and convinced my parents I needed the room with two)!! I love taking my clothes from one season to another and still having a few season specific items to look forward to wearing. This year winter has seemed forever long, and although I don't really tan, I want to be out in the sunshine. We've had a few days of glorious sunshine followed by days of crazy wind and chilling temperatures. I'm not looking forward to the famous southern humidity we get each year, but I am ready for typical spring weather. Eventually I'll be ready for the intense summer heat, but not yet.

Ask me again in a few months and I'll be ready for crisp fall to arrive!!