Work Wardrobe

Harper's Bazaar posted an article last week by an art director who has chosen to basically wear the same thing every day for the past 3 years - black dress pants + white silk blouse, her work 'uniform' or wardrobe. Her reasoning behind this is that she was wasting a lot of time and energy in the morning picking out her outfit and then would later feel out of place with all the suits in the room - a two-fold reason. Think about it - men have several suits and mix it up with button down shirts, but they do wear the same thing pretty much everyday. a t-fold reason. 

I totally get her first point, and don't really have to deal with her second one with my job right now. I don't really enjoy wearing the traditional suit pant and I like being able to play with trends, colors, and patterns. I do have some outfits that I would consider for work only, but right now I can't afford two completely different wardrobes. 

My personal pros & cons...

Pro: Getting dressed in the morning becomes way easier
Con: having to afford work wardrobe and an off work wardrobe 

What do you think about having a"work wardrobe"? Do you think it would make your mornings easier? Leave your thoughts below! 

Christmas Traditions

Here's a little glimpse into my family's Christmas traditions. 


Both pictures are a bit blurry, but they're taken on the same porch. We've been Christmas Caroling as a group for over 20 years now! Its one of my favorite Christmas traditions. 

This house belongs to Dr. & Mrs. Weaver. 
She decorates for every season! Even the inside looks like the North Pole. I think her house is the reason I want a wrap-around front porch one day. They are such an adorable couple. Every Sunday they wear matching outfits. He spoils her and she adores him. Please notice the Christmas Mickey & Minnie in the corner. The Weavers' house is just dreamy. 

This is my first ever BFF, Emily. I really take all my fashion tips from here! 

 They are so cute!!! 

 Lyle's first time Caroling! We always end up at my grandparents' house. This year was harder than the past 5 years because Big Buddy was no longer with us. I didn't make it through one verse before crying. I miss him a lot. Manaw loves Lyle and steals him as much as she can! 

"Christmas Eve" with The Walkers! 
Its been a few years since we've had Christmas at our house because BB was sick, so it was nice to celebrate at our new house. 

First: Lunch with Em
Middle: a little warmer for Caroling
Last: Christmas with The Walkers
I can't stop wearing my dad's navy sweater - necklace & flats, scarves & booties - its so "comfy"!
I've been wearing my scarves full like this because I can't always handle it bunched around my neck. I also like that it gives a long lean look. 

 Christmas Eve Breakfast
Another one of my favorite traditions is breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve. We all know its happening so we know that if we're in town we'll be there. With a good bit of our crew married and living elsewhere, they come when they can. 

We always have a picture in front of the fireplace. Look at those sweet little babies! 

On Christmas Eve night my parents always exchange presents, and now we kids do too. 
I love wrapping my presents in all the same paper, but this year I chose 3 patterns that coordinated. Since I was traveling, I didn't use bows. I loved how these turned out! 

Christmas Day in Athens

They're engaged!!! Ginny & I are only 1 month & 2 days apart. I am so excited for my cousin!! Apparently I started "ugly crying" so I quickly stopped, but I was just so happy! 

Our sweet Maddie turned 10! She is definitely her own person and holds here own against her 4 older brothers or 14 older cousins/cousins-in-law! Still can't believe she's 10. There are no girls between Ginny and Maddie - we waited 14 years for another girl and couldn't have a better one!

Christmas Day & Day After 
Can't stop wearing my new LOFT jeans (destructed jeans in curvy skinny and curvy super skinny in rinse wash) &  Lucky Boots.** 

I've gotten so many compliments on these boots. They have an outside diagonal zipper which makes them a little unique! My roommate J helped me pick them out. I sent mom the link for the wide-calf boots by accident, but I actually needed the wide-calf ones. J tried on the regular, and it looked wide-calf on her. So definitely try your boots on before ordering them! 

**They're only available in black now, but they are called Lucky Brand Heston Boots or Heston2 boots for wide-calf. 

Dad brought Mom & I breakfast in bed...and included hot chocolate for my coffee! He is the best!

 This is really grainy, but we have a family tradition of bowling, every time we're together. Money gets passed around, and the uncles get beat by the nephews! Its a lot of fun!
 We've been doing it probably since 1998. 

Christmas is seriously one of my favorite times of the year!! Really any time I can spend with family & friends is my favorite time. 

LOFT is having a SALE! {Here's What I'd Buy}

My post on my shopping trip to LOFT is one of my most popular ones. They are having a 60% off sale and no code needed!
Here are some of my on-sale favorites

I have a soft denim shirt and I love it. This one is just darling with the floral print. 
Original - $59.50 

How comfy does this sweater look? I really want it! And the color is perfect to transition from winter to Spring. For the Winter, I'd add a chunky bold necklace but then a delicate one for the Spring. 
Original - $59.50

This jacket is only available in a LARGE right now. So if that's you, scoop this Lou & Grey up!
Original - $89.50 

This style is more flattering on a straight figure, than a curvy one (in my opinion). I think it looks cute and comfy! 
Original - $49.50

These two are only available in an XS. If that's you, please get this and wear it for the rest of us! 
Original - $49.50

Original - $44.50

Here's a great basic! 
Original - $49.50

Now for some Accessories! 

I have a set similar to these. I love how simple they are, but they can add just enough to your hair. No boring bobby pins here!
Original - $19.50

Need something cute, but warm for your ears? A former Bachelorette, Andi, wore one similar to this to a UGA game and everyone loved it. Here's your chance to own one! 
Original - $19.50

And here's a cute pair of earrings to finish off your shopping ;-) 
Original - $29.50

I hope y'all enjoy this little shopping list! Let me know what your favorites are! 

Stay Fashionate! 

#StyleMeNovember (Days 26-30)

Day 26 - Sporty Chic
This whole day was spent in the hospital with my new nephew. I wore my dad's old Ralph Lauren sweater and my favorite LOFT skinny jeans. Wet hair + no make-up completed this look, maybe nailed the sporty part, but lacking in chic. Didn't care really because look at that baby!

Day 27 - Grateful for this Feature

This day was spent with my family at my sister's house. Taking turns holding the baby and watching football. Grateful for time with my family!!

Day 28 - Scarf Smitten

This is the picture I posted on Instagram. Its from Accessory Jane. Its been in pre-sale for a while, but now that I'm getting around to posting this, its for sale! This scarf is all over the internet sold by so many, but for only $28, I think its a deal!!

Day 29 - Graceful in Grey 

Spent the day with my Daddy! We ate at our favorite breakfast place, Grits and Grocery. Its southern food with a New Orleans twist. Their praline bacon....ah-mazing! We then visited our family cemetery to spend a little time with Big Buddy. I miss him so very much. But how cute is this little church?

Day 30 - Instagram Crush 

I would have to say Hilary Rushford! She is the one who created this #stylemechallenge and I love her feed. Plus she's a stylist, entrepreneur, and a blogger. Pretty much who I aspire to be. 

#StyleMeNovember (Day 25)

Day 25: Girls in Pearls

I honestly don't remember what I was wearing at the beginning of the day. Work felt almost like a Friday because we were working all day Tuesday and then a half day Wednesday. Although I had just been home that weekend, I couldn't wait to spend Wednesday - Sunday at home and we were still waiting on my nephew to be born!
 I got the call at lunch that Baby Lyle was on his way!! My boss told me I could take my half day Wednesday off! (Praise the Lord for understanding bosses) 
After work I dashed home to throw everything in my car that I might need for the next several days. 

I told my roommates I was just going to point to my shirt if a cop pulled me over. Around 3pm my sister told us that the doctor gave her about 6 hours. I had 2.5 hours left of work, a commute to my house, pack my car, get gas & food, and a 3 hour drive to the hospital. I desperately wanted the baby to wait on me, but told myself not to be too disappointed if I was a little late to the arrival. 

In love with my nephew! 
I got to the hospital around 9:25, gathered my bags for the night, and made it upstairs a little after 9:30. I told everyone hello, snapped the selfie above, and then went to see my sister. Lyle was born at 9:51pm - I MADE IT!! Praise the Lord for His timing! 

What I Wore: My NYDJ leggings, Aunt shirt, cardigan from Target, Scarf from Francesca's, and flats from Payless. And my pearl earrings to complete this southern girl's look.